You need another consultant like you need an IRS audit. Strategy, marketing plans, ideas and big promises of increased profits all sound good on paper, but without expert execution you’re left with an expensive plan no one on your team has the expertise to properly execute on.  At EXE Partners not only do we write the “programs” to achieve your goals, we execute until your results are achieved. 

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EXE Partners is the solution you’ve sought, but struggled to find. Partners who advise on, execute, and optimize the areas of your business that have you feeling stuck. With more than three decades of experience building and scaling companies from the ground up, you can think of us as your managing partners who roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

The Founders

We’re a team of serial-entrepreneurs with over 35 years of experience building our own companies. From bootstrapped to venture backed and everything in between. We’ve experienced the pain of growing a business using only credit cards and a dream, to the joys of selling a company for big profits after years of blood sweat and tears. We’ve seen the highs of success as well as the dark side of business ownership. This gives us a very unique advantage over most firms stacked with MBAs who’ve never lived a day in the trenches.

Stefan Fincias

Co-Founder | A wizard at aligning marketing, sales, and technology, he's the P&L centered expert who maximizes revenue no matter the challenge.

Dion McIntosh

Co-Founder | A master at position architecting, brand strategy, and storytelling. He'll unearth your why and always drive your brand true north.

Our services

Brand Strategy

We develop long-term plans that align with your business goals to support growth, increase brand recognition and credibility, and ultimately drive sales and revenue.

Revenue Operations

We assist you in maximizing your revenue-generating channels and teams, optimizing your customer lifecycle, and identifying gaps and inefficiencies in both the journeys and processes.

Silent Partners

A silent partner can bring in objective advise, expertise, and connections without taking control, all while optimizing for business outcomes, and supporting growth opportunities.

Managing Partners

A managing partner can share responsibilities, bring industry expertise and capital, while ultimately improving operations, sharing the workload and helping to drive growth objectives.

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